Major Electric Deficiencies

I inspected a home on Saturday, it had Major electric deficiencies. I was told today the buyers want out of the contract. The lender who referred me for this inspection called and asked me if the buyers find another house would I give a discount on a new inspection. I told them I would. I am not sure what a reasonable discount would be. Does any one have any suggestions? Does anyone give discounts for this type of situation and if so how much would you give. Never had this situation before.


You would probably get a better response on this in the Members Area…versus in the Electrical Area…

But long story short…if you have to do ANOTHER inspection on a different house why should you discount yourself…you will still have to do all the work.

Ask a lawyer to discount their fee’s…not happening…:slight_smile:

I hear what your saying…everyone want something for nothing. People really think we should be doing these for free. What is up with that? I new after I posted in this thread it wasn’t the right thread, and tried to delete it, but could not figure that out. hahaha

Thanks for your input.

FWIW…I did 2 of these last week…and I gave a 10% discount…I felt good about it and shocked them both…in fact, I had to write one of them a check as they had already written it for the amount they found on my pricing schedule…

For me that 10% is well worth the good will…and the inspection and any subsequent inspections with the same HAPPY clients…go easier mentally and all feel comfortable…

Why should we be penalized for doing a good job? That is what the mortgage company is asking you to do.

Having said that, I have occasionaly discounted second, or third, inspections depending on the buyers situation. If they are first time homebuyers (without a lot of money) sometimes I will take 5% off the inspection.

I love it! So true!