manufactured stone verbiage

Here is the resommend verbiage for manufactured stone issues that are from the NC HI board website at

Do you see anything wrong with it?

Recommended language for comments related to incorrect installation of artificial stone siding.

Approved by Standards of Practice/Rules/Interpretations Committee 10/30/09
Submitted for Board consideration at Regular Meeting 11/20/09

In recent years artificial stone has been used with increased frequency on the exteriors of buildings. In many cases the installation has been found to be improper and not in compliance with the installation instructions of the stone manufacturers. Incorrect installation can result in water penetration, structural damage, and mold growth. The following language is recommended for use by home inspectors with regard to incorrectly installed artificial stone siding. The bulleted items should be used as deemed appropriate for the building inspected.

Recommended Language:
Manufactured stone veneer has been installed on the (list areas) of this house. An inspection of the visible components has revealed that the stone veneer has not been installed in compliance with installation guidelines provided by the Masonry Veneer Manufacturer’s Association (MVMA). A PDF copy of the installation guidelines is available at

Specific problems noted with the visible components include, but may not be limited to: (list all that apply)  Weep screeds are missing at the base of the wood frame walls. Weep screeds are missing at the tops of window and door openings. There is no caulk between other materials and the masonry veneer at windows, doors, and adjacent trim. The masonry veneer is in contact with the ground. The masonry veneer is in contact with paved surfaces. The masonry veneer is in contact with roofing materials. Kick-out flashings are missing where roof eaves meet the masonry veneer. Metal lath is visible between stones, indicating that the proper base coats of mortar were not applied prior to installation of the stone.

The lack of proper detailing and flashing may result in water penetration behind the siding, resulting in structural damage. The installation of the manufactured stone veneer should be evaluated, compared to the specific installation requirements of the stone manufacturer and the MVMA, and repaired or replaced as deemed necessary by a licensed general contractor or masonry contractor experienced with installation requirements for manufactured stone veneer.

Please note that because the water resistive barrier , metal lath, and base coat(s) of cement stucco are completely concealed behind the manufactured stone veneer, they cannot be evaluated by a visual inspection.

Nice reference document. Wish I knew about it last week when I inspected a 10yo house that had adhered stone veneer installed down to a brick ledge (along with all of the other typical installation issues at windows, flashings, etc.)

For some reason my pictures don’t quite match the diagrams in the installation guide.:shock:

I don’t see anything wrong with the verbiage except that the stone veneer can be too close to the ground, paved areas and roof without being in contact with it. I would probably say inadequate clearance to…

Bruce, I go with the exact verbiage that the board requires (not that I always agree with their verbiage)… deviating from same may land you in hot water with the board in the event an incident does happen. The verbiage is there to 1.) protect the board, 2.) the public and 3.) you. (pretty much in that order).

If you are going to add anything to it, then simply find out who the manufacturer is and attach their instruction manual / guidelines to the report.




The state has a page with “recommended” verbiage but I am not aware of any that is “required”.

I like the stone one ok but the PB pipe one is old, incomplete and just plain weak so I use my own for that.

The state is now working on new rules/sop to integrate the new bill that passed into law.

I used some of the verbiage on this $900,000 10 month house yesterday.

Bruce, have you seen this.

Sorry the file was to big.

post a link or email it, thanks

Is this stone installed correctly anywhere in the US???

I to use NC’s recommended verbiage. I am interested in seeing what they will make mandatory.

$900,000 Fubar

Yes SIR! and guess who the bad guy is?

This was brought to my attention a while ago. Apparently enough problems are arising due to improper install and I have yet to see it installed correctly. Yesterday I came across it again with missing flashing, no weep screeds. At least this time it was well caulked.

Has anyone seen it installed per manufactures requirements?