Stone Veneer Installation

Once again, builder’s do not even attempt to follow “Best Practice” when placing stone veneer. Mortar placed tight to window and door trim with no backer rod or sealant. Stone set below grade, no weep screeds, mortar set on flashing tight to the roof. Concrete porch slab poured to the stone, etc.

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Real or synthetic??

Good detail:

After all we’ve been through with the real estate market and building contractors closing their doors, how the hell is this contractor still in business with this type of install?


I agree, where are the local county imspectors? This is a one year old home, unfortunately there is no easy fix. I continually find some of these same installation errors at new homes. One well known national builder’s on site manager admitted that the client will continue to have cracked mortar at the window amd door trim. Amazing!

Here’s good report language developed and “recommended” by the State of NC for home inspectors.

Thanks Joe

Good one Joe. How do you file stuff like this so that you have good access to it?

While fake stone like all other masonry should be done right, I had a long discussion a couple of times with an owens corning rep about their product. As of right now they do not make it manditory to install a screen at the bottom but it is suggested.

The biggest issue they were having was the builders not wetting the stones before install. The dry stones were causing the mortar to dry set and then fail later.

Around here if the installation instructions aren’t in Spanish or Polish, it won’t be done right.:roll:

How hard and time consuming can that be???

adhered manufactured stone veneer mess

The link is not working for me.

I found it. Also found the installation guide from MVMA(Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Assoc)

Frank where did you find the correct link that Joe shared.

I went to and searched for stone veneer.

Here is so more of the same stuff. House is NEW, never lived in.

The more it’s used the more construction defect litigation will occur; some of the wiser heads are forecasting the next EIFS type class actions are around the corner.


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