Manville Roof Vent

(David OKeefe, 5 Star Google/Yelp Rating Lic. # 16000038229) #1

Any information on this roof vent? Is this sort of like a AAV vent for a roof to allow air to escape from under the roofing material? I looked online and have an idea what it’s use is but wanted to get some feed back on it from other inspectors.Do these really work?

(Dominic DAgostino, CMI HI3957) #2

Page 25 for technical details.

I have no first hand knowledge of actual performance in the field.

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #3

Interesting great find thanks David and Dominic… … Roy

(Stephen H. Payson) #4

FP-10 One Way Roof Vent On Sunshine Supply Co., Inc.

If you want to buy one

(Kenton Shepard, CMI) #5

I agree, thanks guys!