Has anyone seen this roof vent?

Hi everyone. Today I saw a different style roof vent that I’ve never seen before. Wondering if anyone else has seen this before? It was basically one big louver, and appeared to have plenty of overlap to prevent water from entering. But as you can see there has been water reaching the insulation. And there weren’t any signs of staining on the wood. Also, there was OSB and underlayment pieces in the insulation, which says it was installed after the original roof and after the insulation was installed. Not necessarily looking for any recommendation help, just curious if anyone else has seen this style before? Pictures should be attached below

Award Metals 24" Galvanized Stealth® Attic Vent


kinda looks like they cut the opening with a shovel…just sayin…


Thats a new one on me. Seems it would be susceptible to water intrusion from wind driven rain.

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What could possibly go wrong with this design? LOL I hope they do not build submarines.


We see similar vents replacing soffit vents in the mountains where soffit vents are no longer allowed for fire reasons, but they’re installed low in the roof.

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You might write up, roof vent profile too low. Bulk water passes through screen into the attic.

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This is an old style soffit vent. It is improperly installed on the roof. Major defect.

That makes more sense. I have never seen one, but I could imagine it working ok “Under the eaves”

Stealth roof air vents are vents for use under Section 1505.3 of the code to provide required attic ventilation in conjunction with roof coverings of composition shingle, flat tile and “S” shaped tile. The air vent system consists of a vent cover and subflashing.