Market to Smart Phones

This is a great way to market your business to the Smart Phone user will generate short URLs and QR-Codes.

I like it when people put a QR-Code to their website on their home page.:mrgreen:

Good idea for my list as I am using those codes with my phone scanner more and more.

Looks like the trend is to put the QR Codes on their Vehicle Signs. :slight_smile:

Not so silly really. On occasions I have shown my home page live during a presentation. If a DR code was up on the projection screen then anyone with an smart phone could get to it. However, I am not going to put a QR link to my web page but a promotion code.

This will become bigger in a few years as I would imagine most people will be using them .

LOL. That thar be my bidness card

Mine too Chuck.

I keep meaning to get some Magnetic Signs made.

But if/when I do get signs made, that is a logical spot for the code.

I am overdue for new cards and will think about doing same.
Maybe on back.