Guerrilla Marketing

The first Guerrilla Marketing book was published by Houghton Mifflin in l984 and I read it the first year. It is a simple approach to marketing using simple low cost or even zero cost methods to grab the attention of a client.

QR codes can be used to great effect using Guerrilla Marketing techniques. Since the QR code is new to the US; its been in Japan for a couple of years, you can do the following to take your message to new clients.

Here is what I have done in the last week using QR codes.

Printed 6 QR codes on a page and cut them into individual slips of paper, I printed a total of 200 slips. I then distributed these slips in any place I was during the day.

I did not put my name on the slip just an enigmatic message; Secrets Revealed.

These slips were picked up by people and a total of 85 were used to navigate to my web page.

One person called and asked what was the secrets I had revealed? My answer; hire me to inspect your house and I’ll revel the homes hidden secrets.

Try it.

Mark was that one person looking to hire a home inspector?
I do not feel g marketing is as effective for us us as
some other business’s with the reason being no one thinks of us till
Print ads are kind of out now so the old slipping a flyer in the free paper trick may not do much.


No sadly, He just wanted to know what the secret was. I, like most marketeers, are at a loss to be able to explain what works and does not work. This particular strategy was to bring awareness to a new audience based on the buying cycle theory. (Link)](

The only place i can see where the QR codes may work for HI’s is at open houses. I’ve never gone to open houses to solicit but if one did and had QR codes on fliers or their business card I’m sure some of the lookers with smart phones would use them.

QR codes are something young buyers might use.Decide what percentage of your crowd fits that category.

I must admit, I don’t know a thing about QR codes. Do you need a smart phone to create them, or just to read them? My daughter has an Incredible, I do not.

There is a site where you can create them easily and they are like bar codes for your smart phone that has Android or i phone.
If they use a scanner app on the built in camera it can take tghem straight to your site.
cool function ,but not for many as of yet.
I use them myself to download apps off the market however if you have no idea what I am talking about do not feel bad as this is all new tech that is not yet mainstream.
I suggest any Inspectors not using one or the other make the switch soon as this is the real near future.

Sorry. Marketing is not about generating random visits to a website and generic phone calls. It’s about identifying and targeting advertising toward potential prospects. Amusing story, though.

Correct, marketing is all about targeting your market. The Guerilla campaign target was as follows:


25 to 35 years of age
High earner
located in and around the city of McKinney TX


Prove a bet with my wife that dropping random notes with a CR code would bring a response.

Mark - I think its an awesome idea! You have exposed your name to 85 people who may have never known it. So many nay sayers and yet I bet many of them would love more work. Let me ask you this. Did it hurt anything?

The way I look at marketing is YOU NEVER know. Ever do one of those jobs for a random person that led into like 20 more jobs because your name got around from them, it snowballed. I love the way you look outside of the box and TRY something. I bet numerous people told Sam Walton his dumb store wouldn’t make it!

I think putting QR codes on your vehicle and flyers are great as a lot of scanners will store the info. They may lose your flyer or forget the phone number on your truck but the phone will store it for them.

Check out to make them. Here’s one I just made!