Marketing Webinar Sun 8PM

Come one come all. Here is the plan.

Everyone come armed with your top marketing plan you implemented at some point in your career that worked best for you. My webinar gives you the option to text or talk live via a phone or microphone so if you can’t talk live have your scenario typed out so you can copy paste when your turn rolls around. I bet none of you have thought about what I started doing here recently and it works like a charm!

Again the party is Sun at 8PM central time.

This event is FREE for all.

Billy Boerner

Reminder 8 PM Central tomorrow night. Feel free to sign in around 745 if you wish. I’ll be coming to you live from Carmel Indiana.

Why from there, if you don’t mind me asking?

Post from above.

It’s me Bob. Traveling to Indiana to visit Nate relating to webinar training and marketing ideas. Our actual appointment is Thursday so I’ll be coming to you live from St Louis tomorrow :smile:

From Marketing Webinar Sun 8PM Central - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

Quick reminder Inspector Marketing webinar tonight at 8PM Central time. After you sign in at some point you will have an option to turn on your MIC. If you have one ensure you turn it on. Also wear headsets if you have them if not ensure your speakers work. I have tested over and over on three machines now with no crashes so if you are having issues those two things above could be the reason… let me know if you have trouble.

To enter click this link. I’ll be live at 735 tonight. Join anytime after…

Hey Billy are you broadcasting video as well? I checked in as you know on your last cast and did not see video or picts of anyone. I was using my old, old desktop and had a cam plugged in but apparently it did not show nothing but a stick me. I had to use the phone for audio but it apparently worked well as I heard you and you could hear me. I was surprised there was not more distortion in the audio. I do not know how many were using their phones as I would think the more on phones the greater the chance of accumulated background noise would be. Next one I join I will use the laptop and hopeful be able to do everything with it and the cam should work as well.

Have you considered the google circle meeting app or whatever it is called? does anymeeting cost you anything? the format and all seemed to work well. I will try to participate for feedback sake whenever I am near the computer and have the time while you do it. Best of wishes to you in this new adventure.

Mike come on in we’ll talk about it. Its best in my opinion to use a mic on your laptop if you have one or a headset with one on it.

Come on in get your computer set up and make sure when it ask you to turn on your mic you do so… its a small box that pops up. I’ll have the link live in five mins or less.

This is the small box I’m talking about. Ensure you choose allow for mic/sound use.


I am having trouble logging on to this link…
Please help

Nevermind…got it!

Scratch that…I cannot log on to the site!