Marketing Webinar Review

If you attended tonight’s FREE marketing webinar hosted by I would greatly appreciate any feedback good or bad posted on this thread. Had a great turnout thanks to everyone who came.


I really enjoyed it! Being as new as I am in the business and learning from venues such as these is invaluable to me and my success as a business owner. I really enjoyed the positive approach you took to the platform…no bashing the services that inspectors chose to use or not to use and/or the people involved with these services. Very good job and looking forward to the next one!

I had a good time, and hope to have more marketing webinars in the future so I can continue to learn and see what has worked for others. Thanks Billy for putting it together.

you said tonight’s it is only 4:54 EST 11/11 did it happen today? If so sorry I missed.

If you have the time and send me a reminder email next time I would like to try to log on with the high tech laptop so I can give you some feedback on how well it works. Did any video or picts go on today?

Best of luck in the future on all this stuff and if I can help in any way do not hesitate to ask.

I was only able to poke my head in for a few minutes as I was running around quite a bit yesterday, but hopefully I will be able to take part in the next one.

Thanks for putting it on Billy!

I tried to chime in using latest version of FF. I signed in with no problem, listened to some guitar music, read a few comments at bar on left about others having trouble with audio.

I listened to Billy speak at very beginning about how if he would have done what he’s doing now (marketing) when he first started he would now be a multi-inspection firm.

Then I lost audio, then it came back a few seconds, then I lost it again so I gave up.

Never did have any video, not sure if there was any or not.

Thanks for the info Chris. It’s weird that some people have problems others don’t. The big thing I noticed is IE8 is not supported. You must use IE10 or Chrome for best results. Another thing is you have to turn on the mic when you come in to the system… here is some directions in case you try to attend again. Thanks for stopping by I would of enjoyed having you.
Trouble Shooting Audio for Attendees

Is there a link to this webinar? It would be nice for other inspectors that missed it to be able to view at a later date.


No there is no recording Tyler. I do offer 1on1 service at $45 an hour. Get three or more other friends together and I will go live to discuss everything you wish at $30 hour per person or take the full two day course and save $60 over using the per hour option. I will have other free webinars from time to time and will post on this message board when they are. We will be discussing other things in addition to the marketing webinar which produced a lot of great ideas I will share with you during a 1on1 or the monthly 2 day.