Marketing With Your Vehicle

A logo is the starting point for all of your marketing. The colors that you use in the logo end up defining how the rest of your marketing will work. It is much easier to start with a strong logo design than it is to have to redo everything later.

When you go to have a vehicle wrap created, it’s good to work with a local company that has designers on staff. They will properly format your information onto your vehicle in a visually striking layout. If the graphics on your car look clumsy or unprofessional, that reflects on you and your business. A good vehicle wrap clearly communicates the most important contact info for your business, so it is best to keep the amount of text minimal so that it can be large and clear. The phone number and the website should be very large and easy to read from a distance.

If you’re not ready to invest in a vehicle wrap, InterNACHI’s marketing department can design and print vehicle magnets for your business:

As always the design services, including logo design, are free when you place a custom print order on Inspector Outlet. Email any questions to

We love seeing the logos we’ve designed in action, so if you’ve had your vehicle wrapped and would like to share please reply to this post with pics!