Masonry fireplace w/ B vent

Inspection today had a regular masonry fireplace with firebrick etc with the masonry chimney connecting to a B vent , R type , in between the first and second floors. This fireplace was in center of house. There was no fireblock in the attic floor , but my question is , Can a masonry fireplace connect to a B vent within the house , that eventually goes through the roof. I have seen newer fireplace steel inserts with B vent , but never combination of masonry and B vent. Yes the masonry fireplace is in serious need of a cleaning and will call it out, but wanna comment on the venting issue and also for personal knowledge. Thank you for all comments

Simple answer is no.

Are you sure it was B vent. There are metal vent pipe transitions that go from masonry to metal, but not B vent fro wood fireplace.

Stamped B vent. “R” style. Amerivent

Was there a gas line in the FP? (still wrong :slight_smile: but maybe why the B vent.

No gas line. 100% wood and fire. Actually found Amerivent mfg manual for B vent on line. Plain and simple. Do Not Use For anything but cat 1 gas appliance. They have a different flue for FP. Much thicker and rated for fire wood burning. I actually printed out manual to show proof when i get he WTF fone call from homeowner and agent saying its fine