Master Class For Home Inspectors - Exterior Door

Metal-clad door with oval glass
The appearance of shrinkage of the glazing putty (compound) at the base of glass was observed at the time of the inspection. This is a maintenance item. Replacement of the glazing putty by a qualified glazier is recommended.

that’s not glazing putty, looks like cheap painters caulk.
Putty is not flexible and does not look like that at all. I have re-glazed a few window panes in my 28 years of remodeling and repairs.

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Doesn’t need replacement, it just needs to be trimmed off. Can easily be done by anyone with a sharp knife.
Glazing compound is already there.


The whole damn door needs paint. Does this thread have some use?

Afternoon Brian.
The term is Thermal Pane Seal/s. Depending upon the manufacturer.
The purpose of a window thermal seal is to essentially create a vacuum of air in between two panes of glass on thermal pane windows. This provides added energy efficiency to the windows themselves. When a thermal seal breaks, air and condensation can become trapped in between the two panes.

As for the door itself. I refer to steel entry doors as; Hinged, Insulated, Metal Clad front door.

Observation: Hinged, Insulated, Metal Clad front door.
*Note: You should report on the weather stripping, hardware and door sweep.
Faded paint.
Worn thermal pane seal.
Condition, appears past useful life expectancy.
Recommend: A licensed window/door installation and service repair contractor.
1: Evaluate if the insulated steel front entryway door, and thermal pane window can be updated, or if replacement is required.
Act upon any recommendations therein.

Just my take on it.

this is certainly not a damaged seal in that picture…That door needs to be visited by a qualified painter…nothing more to see here…


The thermal pane appears to be a retro fit in an existing insulated steel entryway door.
No enough information about the door, frame, hinges, hardware, etc…

Here is an example from a report I wrote with images.
Solid wood door front door.
Weather striped.
Door sweep.
All components operated, handle, lock and hardware operated successfully.
No adverse conditions observed the day of the inspection.

and You think that has something to do with the sloppy caulk job in the original picture ?


Afternoon, James.
It is just my opinion but, the overall visual condition leads me to believe the door has seen it’s days of useful operations which includes energy efficiency and drafts.
The thermal pane window does not appear to be modern. Thermal panes are factory sealed in steel doors. The wood oval trim for the thermal window being caulked leads me to believe the thermal pane and poor paint job was part of a entryway door retrofit to save money.
Just my opinion.

Curious why something so insignificant, as far as a home inspection, would be included in the “Master Class”?


Because they want to peak the curiousity of some HI’s that have never seen the installation of a glazing kit on an exterior door before, Chris. LOL