Max driveway slope.

I just did a new construction. The house next to me the masons were pouring a new driveway. The buyer came up to me and told me that she pulled her car in the drive way and it bottomed out. Her husband told KB to rip out the drive and try again before they close.

The make of car, size of tires, length of car, how low it sits could all play apart whether the car will bottom out me thinks.

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WOW! Anything with a longer wheelbase than a Jeep CJ-5 will scrape going into those garages. I recently inspected one in the North Ga. Mtn’s that was about 500’ long and so steep, my truck would not pull it, I had to get out and climb the rest. They kept a log skidder onsite to tow the construction trucks up to the building site. :shock: