Max driveway slope.

Does anyone know what the maximum slope for a driveway is?
Does it vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction?

I don’t think there is any code which covers such things. There is, however, good practice, and a practical maximum slope is 10%…ten feet in a hundred, and possibly less in snowy regions. The transition to a steep slope is also critical…if it is too abrupt, many cars will bottom out on the hump. For a very long driveway, meaning hundreds of feet, part of it may be at a steeper slope, maybe up to 15%, and again, less in snowy regions.

As long as you can get your vehicle in and out safely without rubbing against the pavement, you should be good to go.

Now these driveways’ have their issues…

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Well my instance is not as severe as Dave’s example, but close about 25% grade. At what point then does it become “unsafe” this is new construction and the city has signed off, but I can’t see getting some cars up and down the drive without bottoming out. Of course the builders not going to change it 5 days from closing.


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If you see that the driveway could be an issue which could cause vehicles to bottom out, I’d simply note what you see (in your report) and let your clients take it from there.

Observe and report to stay out of court.

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There will be a bunch of cars rolling back into the street. Don’t park across from the driveway.

Same info I posted 9-13 when DV posted the insane drive photos

This is what I add to reports for general information for driveways when installation is questionable.

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Here is an interesting case from Ontario involving an inspector and a sloping driveway.

3 The driveway is built of concrete imbedded with electrical cables or panels for the purpose of melting snow. At the bottom of the driveway, approximately two feet in front of the garage door, is a metal drainage grate running the width of the driveway. John Boyd, O.L.S., testified that from the garage floor to the other side of the drainage grate there is a dip of 2 1/2" - going down from the garage and up past the other side of the drainage grate. This 2 1/2" difference in level forms a gully. When the plaintiffs’ cars are driven into the gully the front of the cars scrape on the concrete floor of the garage. The plaintiffs currently use two long steel plates to bridge the gully. This works, but the plates tend to shift and are somewhat unsightly.

The attachment is very interesting and educational reading. I learn something every day while reading the NACHI BBS.


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Tell the buyer to view the driveway for themselves. May want to also say something like this: “The driveway is steep and could be problematic for some vehicles, and should be used with caution.”

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