McCain/Obama Townhall Debate

And the afore unmentioned homeowner C says " Dammit, I shoulda bought a bigger house". ;):smiley:

Palin would never have said it. Let’s hope McCain wins, gets into the White House, and resigns the next day.

President Sarah.

She says whatever is written down for her to say Nick, stop kidding yourself.

McCain is no conservative but he has outbid Obama.

McCain is wrong but he forces Obama to say no to bailing out the bad mortgage holders.

What a stupid mess. Thanks Freddie mac and Fannie mae with the help of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

Earth to Michael, it is a WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC CRISIS.:smiley:

Probably even in some countries McCain said YOU could not find on the MAP. :wink:

Do you really think all that bad paper was only kept in this country?:roll:

I am a veteran and am in contact with at least 15 others on a weekly basis and…not one of us support McCain.

He has done nothing worthy of commanding a unit. An entire defense department is totally out of the question.

McCain is a communist. Next he’ll suggest that the government take over everyone’s home.

I don’t even kill bugs. If I find one crawling on me I pick it up carefully and put it outside… so I really feel bad to say this but…

I’m voting for McCain and then hoping he dies after being inaugurated.

President Sarah.

I can see why you are so enmored with McCain, always witht the questions.

Michael Government, like me, can not answer every question you ask. Eventually, you will have to answer some questions on your own. ;):smiley:

You betcha. :wink:

Not enough winks for the faithfull Chris.;););););););););):wink:

I ask questions to make you think past your incomplete conclusions.

I could just call you stupid if you prefer.:wink:


Go Sarah…:mrgreen: !!!

I am used to your unfounded, unsupported, made up positions, why change now? :smiley:

Did you even watch the debate???

I can support every one with sound reasoning and facts, can you?:shock:

Yes I watched the entire debate.

Correction: I heard the first 5 minutes in the car.


Even FAUX NEWS is having a hard time spinning it in McCains favor, but god bless them they are trying.

I agree:roll:

The facts disagree with your few circle of friends, so you might want to raise
your head out of the sand…:mrgreen:

Nothing would make me happier than sharing some smores with you around a campfire Michael, and debating into the wee hours. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Only smores?

Sounds fun.