McCain/Obama Townhall Debate

Well, how are the candidates doing tonight?

Well if McCain would stop addressing me as “His Friend” he would be doing better in my book.

The problem is McCain is still in Saigon, Baghdad has become his Khe Sahn.

He goes on and on about WINNING, but will not tell us exactly what WINNING entails.

Phuck, can’t we go back to MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, take our toys and go home?

Obama doesn’t want to go home

He wants to go to Afghanistan.:roll:

OMG that is just wrong, why go to where the Terrorists are???:twisted:

Does that mean all the terrorists are gone in Iraq?:roll:

I thought you wanted the troops home?

Which is it?

The shortage of troops in Afghanistan has required longer tours, wearier troops, and needless American deaths. Every commander there is shouting for more support.

Obama is right on, this topic. McCain is dead wrong.

And I don’t blame them one bit.

If we had been so busy over the last two decades in spending the “peace dividend” while reducing our force size, there wouldn’t be a problem.

I like the way Obama keeps calling out McCain when he lies about Obama’s proposed policies…

At least he has some.

Hobsons choice, the world is not as simplistic as you Michael and the people you want to elect and have elected in the past try to make it seem.

IRAQ was not a problem. Iraq is not a problem. OSAMA BIN LADEN is not in IRAQ.

Now McKnucklehead is going on about Iran, well duh, We destabilised the entire middle east and Iran is going to flex their muscles. Why, BECAUSE WE ARE STUCK IN IRAQ.

Read a HISTORY BOOK McCain, at least try and figure out which tribes hold which beliefs and hold the most power, without lieberdude whispering in your ear.

The high cost of maintaining a Viet Nam sized military was impractical. So was starting a second war in Iraq…before finishing the war we started in Afghanistan.

24 hours after leaving his base…9 men from my son’s unit that was being returned to their base in Italy…were killed in an attack by the Taliban that never should have happened. The enemy is increasing in numbers and in strength in the middle of our war with them.

The mistake of Iraq should be immediately corrected and we should refocus our efforts where they count.

Talk about having no clue.:roll:

Tom Brokaw won

You are comming around if your comment is directe to McCain Michael.:mrgreen:

Saddam did not have terrorists in Iraq until we created the vacuum.

How is that relevant?

I have said over and over, " the war we find ourselves in now is the not the war we started in Iraq."

Is that so hard to understand?

They brought their fight to us where we were.

Would you rather have had them come here?

Sometimes I have to answer honeslty YES. Maybe it will get the chicken hawks of their flabby old butts and have to actually do something, or sacrafice something for the good of our country. God Forbid.

The burden of the misguided war in Iraq has bot been shared equally by all Americans, myself included.

On another note, did McCain really promise another 300 BILLION dollars to buy up mortgages??? IDIOT. SOCIALIST.

Obama knows nothing about the military and what to do.
Why do you think almost all the military is voting for McCain.
They don’t want that tweep pretending to be their commander
and chief. LOL…:slight_smile:

There were several times that Obama was repeating McCain
and struggling to find something original to say about world
and military affairs.

McCain was the winner by far.

What debate? Where were the questions? Nothing on gun control, same sex marriage, abortion, immigration, why Obama is friends with a terrorist who bombed us, why McCain voted for a socialistic bail out of private companies.

Everyone being perfect gentlemen.

Reminds me of these guys who email me and ask me to quit bringing up the fact that ASHI has no entrance requirements and weak full membership requirements.

Everyone so polite… to what end?

Let’s see.

Home owner A buys a $250K house and makes all his payments on time even though it’s a struggle.

Home owner B buys the house next door for $250K but also buys all new furniture a new car and toys on credit and can’t make his house payment because he is overextended.

House values crash and loose 50% of their previous value.

Now some politician comes along and tells home owner B that we will rewrite his mortgage based on the current value of his home and thereby lower his payment.

Homeowner B says great I get to keep it all.

Homeowner A says WTF?

Which behavior should be be encouraging in this country?

Michael, what’s your opinion of that comment? Before you answer, pretend Obama said it. :wink:

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