MD test exam

I recenting took the PSI MD home inspection exam and failed.I was shocked.
There were questions on there about legal issues,disclaimers,and contracts.I studied very hard for this exam and did well in all the categories regarding the technical knowledge that is required to know.I sent my class insructor an email:mad: about the the situation and I am awaiting feedback.I feel that is a racket for the state to make money by charging another fee for retesting.

Welcome to the REAL world.

Home inspecting is a business, not a hobby, thus you need to know how to operate a business if you wish to obtain a license to operate one!

There’s a hell of a lot more to inspecting than simply inspecting. Inspecting is the easy part.

Your attitude above indicates you are not ready for the responsibilities associated with owning and operating a business. Get all your ducks in a row. I suspect you haven’t even started.

Good luck!

Jeff is absolutely right.

Knowing HOW to run your business is vital. If I had to put percentages on how I actually spend my time, I would say I am about 90% business owner and 10% inspector.

That is to say I only spend about 10% of my time (possibly less) actually performing inspections and doing reports.

Administrative work and marketing easily dwarf the time I spend inspecting.

Jay writes:

I agree. We should think of ourselves as businessmen who happen to be in the inspection business.

I agree with Jay. Do you want to be a successful Inspector or successful business owner - BOTH TAKE TIME, EFFORT and SEPARATE STRINGS OF KNOWLEDGE. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be as much satisfaction when you are successful.

I don’t know what the Pass/Fail rate is anymore with the National Testing by PSI, but last I heard, it was in the neighborhood of 40% fail 1st time through.

Good Luck!

Thank you,for the feedback. Where can I get the resources to educate myself about the legal,business, ethics, and disclaimers about the home inspection business?

Start with your local community college and a Business 101 course. You can tweak the HI part once you get a handle on the basics.

I think the issue is not knowing what to study for. As an example the Maryland standards of practice is slightly different from InterNACHI but this is a National test. I am not sure what standards to study and/or if they will ask Maryland specific questions or general national questions?

Presently I am taking the InterNACHI training course in Maryland and so far we nave not touched on any business questions and I have no idea what to expect on the test.

Many years ago I passed the Maryland Home Improvement test and it was 95% law and contract questions, nothing to do with the actual home improvement work.

As a side note, when I arrived for the test everyone had the study book (provided by PSI) with tabs and highlighted sections… I had no idea it was an open book test and left mine at home. I passed but was a little worried! LOL

Kelly, an open book?? really how long ago was this?

Did you ever receive your feedback from your instructor?

I think it was 1994 or 5

I would of thought. It’s not like that now. I was almost confused about the time frame thinking it was same time frame as Kevin’s.