Test scores from PSI..

Ok, I recently took the test at a PSI center. unfortunately I didn’t pass and scored a 380 on the test. so my question is, other than the guy giving me the sheet of paper that shows what was made in each area, are they supposed to show you what questions you actually missed? Thanks.

Don’t know. I got no idea what you are talking about :slight_smile:

Email me, fastreply@nachi.org We’re going to sue the NHIE. I can help you.

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No. The intent of providing you the areas and how you scored was to obtain a better understanding of where you might need additional training/review.

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HaHa, I am quickly finding out that most people here don’t take many questions serious!

Boy aren’t you just the smart one,lol I ask a serious question and get a BS reply!

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Thanks for the info. I was just curious, after all the guy at the testing center wasn’t very professional at all. granted failing the test was no ones fault but my own, this guy was very unprofessional and had a smile and chuckle as he handed me the score sheet.

All they print out is the score.

Is PSI the only testing facility that the test can be taken at? $225 seems a bit exessive…

I am afraid so, for most states anyway. and yeah it is very pricy in my opinion, especially if you fail and have to retake it.

This is such BS.

You should be able to take the test for free.

You should not even have to take a test.

Anyone who wants to crawl around under houses should be granted the right to inspect them.

Clients expect too damn much. They want you to find everything even when asked what their concerns are and they don’t know anything about a house.

RE Agents make big buck bucks for just driving the client to the house and opening the door for them. HI’s should be able to make a lousy $200 telling buyers about what they have no idea whet they are looking at so they are comfortable in making the substantial investment in a house purchase.

If they can afford a house, they should be happy to give up a lousy $200 without wining about it, or the quality of inspection they got.

We are entitled to this money. After all, the Home Inspection Licensing Board takes our money and they don’t do a damn thing for it… just like RE Agents, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Appraisers, Termite Inspectors, Insurance Brokers that do nothing but scribble crap down on a piece of paper.


Wanted to add this to the tread in case anyone wants to take a look…

NHIE- Detailed Exam Overview

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After looking back on taking the test I wish they would just remove the BS questions that have absolutely nothing to do with a home inspection. NHIE has way too much crap on the test that has nothing to do with inspections or stuff that you could inspect anyway. no damn wonder Internachi is filling a lawsuit against them!!

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I passed it, but it was the most asinine bunch of garbage Ive ever had the privilege of spending 225 bucks to look at!

Ya I know, great first post. :wink:

The truth is the truth, lol since I have made my first post about this I have had many people to contact me about the NHIE about how much garbage is on the test.

We are very interested in this. We’d appreciate any info you get from the EBPHI regarding your scores. If any of you can think of specific examples of questions they asked about things not related to home inspections, please email me at mark@cohenslaw.com Thanks!

One of the questions in specific was, how deep should bolts be into cement on the sill plate’s. I mean have you ever had a home inspector take the walls apart and remove a stud from the concrete?!?! how stupid!

The answer is a minimum of 7". The purpose of the question is to determine if you understand how a home is constructed. Knowing how a home is constructed DOES help an Inspector understand what they are looking at. It is a simple question and other more in depth questions could have been asked instead.

Correct !!! Example of that knowledge would work well for you. You’re doing an inspection, the basement or garage or wherever walls are unfinished. The client is a sort of handyman, builder or simply thinks something is wrong. He asks you in front of his wife, the agent etc… Hey Mr. Inspector, can you tell me how this wall is staying in place?

Now I bet knowing the answer in great and specific detail would make you look great as opposed to not knowing and looking like a toad.

Just sayin…

Knowledge is you best friend and tool you can have.