Meet Nick Gromicko in Dallas on Feb 24 at Mike Crow's 3-Days of Secrets Revealed.

It’s actually a 4-day event but I’m getting in Monday night and leaving Wednesday morning.

When will Florida have an event?

The annual Three Days of Secrets Revealed event is only held in Dallas each year.

Meet the MAN…The LEGEND…Meet The GROMICKO!!!

hey I am near Dallas…lol…I just may come down to meet this man !

Paul, call me. I get in Monday night and leave Wednesday morning. (720) 272-8578

You are so close to our facility/campus…are you interested in a possible tour of Encore Wire?..Your MIND would be blown by our campus…just a thought if you had a few hours break in your stay.

However, regardless I got the number and will be in touch fella.

I can’t because I’m only there for one full day. Last year, from stage, I asked the audience if anyone was an InterNACHI member and every hand went up except for a handful. So it’s kind of an InterNACHI event that I can’t sneak out of.

Understandable…The offer is always open if you get another chance to pop down to Texas.

I recently won a free ticket to this event from the Christmas party. I wish I could go, but due to the timing, getting a flight and hotel. I want to take the opportunity to thank Nick for the tickets. I want to pass this on to a fellow NACHI member. If you are intrested in attending this event PM me and I will pass your information to Nick G. Let me know first come first served.

I have 5 more free tickets. If anyone wants one, email me at