Mercury in Thermostats

Do you advise your client on the type of thermostat in the home?

This happened today in Lees Summit, MO. This is such a small amount, but the care center had to call the police, fire department, “officials” and “clean-up crew”.

I know there are thousands of mercury thermostats out there, but people can bump into them, and, who knows.


Nope, not necessary.


I never have either. Just a thought.


A standard boilerplate comment about asbestos, lead and mercury will keep you out of trouble, no need to make a big deal about it.

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I try not to get goofy with consumer report stuff.
Anyone that a–l will already know about it all anyway.
Heck my reports are well over 50 pages as it is just because of my detail on what exists so adding warnings on every little subject would make it a novel.

I hear worn out sofa springs can be dangerous also.:slight_smile:

I don’t warn them about the mercury in cfls either.

[Quote: I don’t warn them about the mercury in cfls either.]
Nor the radioactive elements in smoke detectors………………