Merry Christmas

Click here: Merry Christmas


The best time of the year!!!



I haven’t even got my Halloween tree up yet–and you’re talking about…Christmas??? :o :o :o

(Just took down the Coulmbus Day Tree.) :wink: :wink:


Boy your quick, :slight_smile: I normally leave my Columbus Day Tree up until the wednesday after. Ya know keeping in the spirit. :lol::lol::lol:



I love snow.
When its in another state… I live in Texas. :cool:


All thes trees Jay, are you a Druid?:smiley:

John, would that other state be water or fog,???

Do I look “Dru-ish” to you?

Jae; I don’t think you look like one, but seems every opinion is different.

Marcel :slight_smile:

It was Christmas a couple weeks ago high up in the mountains near Telluride, Colorado. A warm day followed by a foot of snow, then warm again. All blended in with brilliant Fall colors. I will never get tired of going there.

Erol K.

Funny, he doesn’t look Druish…:roll:

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Garry, Sorry you think that, was not meet as such, it is a Misc. Discussion thread.:shock: