Tis the Season.....

Merry Christmas all from:


Merry Christmas Robert and may you have a Happy New Year ahead. :slight_smile:

You too Marcel. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Robert!!!

Merry Christmas Robert. I like your truck graphics. Looks like you found the light… :wink:

Newland HI.jpg

Yeah, and I like the little green man on the right. :):wink:

I like the tagline :D.

I hadn’t noticed it earlier, as I didn’t click to expand the pic. Awesome Robert, welcome to the club!!! :twisted::wink:

Robert i didn’t think you were going to tell everyone you switched until after new years?

LOL! Merry Christmas guys! You Hippies are alright :wink: … sometimes :wink:

(Nick that tagline gets a lot of smiles at red lights :D)

Raising my “Red Solo Cup” to you all.

We do know how to have a good time! :shock:;-):wink:

Merry Christmas too all & to all a good night! :smiley: