Metal interior decorative stair railings

The stair railing is made of metal with decorative ornamental designs. Some areas have the opening bigger than 4 3/8-inch diameter sphere. How or what standards do we use to deem or view this type of stair railing meet the requirements? Thank you for your help.

The idea is to prevent a child falling through and or getting stuck, same safety standards apply. How much bigger were they?

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Make sure that you put the safety hazard in your report. Whether it gets changed or not is up to your client but you will do well to cover yourself, legally and ethically, by putting it in your report. :smile:

this covers almost any res application


The largest opening not the bottom spacing.



I’m not following you, Michael.

Can you help me understand what you are meaning?

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4 3-8

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4 3-8

Okay, basic stuff…

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Thank you for the feedback from everyone. It will definitely goes to the report as precaution to cover the safety requirements. Happy Holidays to everyone.!