Metal roof covering directly on framing

Does anyone make note or recommend a professional if or when they see sheet metal roof installed directly on rafters? I see it fairly often, but have also heard there could be condensation issues. I live in South LA…(Louisiana)

Is it on a house or an out building? I see it all the time on pole barns, storage sheds, and detached “garage” type of structures. But then again we have a much dryer climate here…

This is the main house. I don’t remember ever learning anything about it, but I’ve had a client or two tell me it’s incorrect or a problem. That said, I’ve never seen it cause a problem, but it can get rather loud in a rain storm.

This is the narrative I include in my report…
“Metal roof covering is installed directly onto the wood framing without a barrier. Possibility for condensation issues exist. Recommend evaluation by a licensed contractor.”

Does anyone report on it or is it really a non-issue?

It depends on if the metal roof is architectural or structural. Check this out.