Metal trusses and metal roof help

Hey everyone, looking to get some insight. I had an inspection today where I had a 2015 residential home with metal studs and trusses. I sent these attic pictures to my mentor as I haven’t really ran across it yet.

He was concerned about the barrier on the inside of the attic space. Couldn’t verify the decking type as he questioned this. We have seen it on commercial warehouses but never a residential. Is this an issues for condensation?

Looks like a rubb tent with a ceiling in it. Something like I saw at the Naval shipyard. LOL
Looks like a typical blanket insulation on the roof that should prevent it from sweating if the attic is ventilated.
How did it look on the outside and any info of the Manufacture of this thing.?

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No manufacturers information. Don’t have much more than this really.

That’s what I thought, too, Marcel. :smile:

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And it doesn’t appear that they did a very good job dumping the supply ducts past the insulation…energy lost there.

Haven’t come across them, but I know they come in kits for small homes. The construction is similar to standard commercial warehouses or office buildings.

The insulation is there to keep the PEX pipes from freezing :grinning:
Must be a warm part of the country.

Yes, John Paul, I wish people would add their location to their footer or in their profile. It would help a lot in sharing accurate information.