Metal roof

Ok, I inspected a metal/aluminum shingle roof today. Very thin as it crinkled a bit when I carefully walked it. It did not dent though. What is your opinion regarding this roof covering and what is typical lifespan? I am thinking 50 years? Thanks

DSC04956 (Small).JPG

DSC04955 (Small).JPG

DSC04957 (Small).JPG

DSC04960 (Small).JPG

Walking roofs on socks…hmmm!

Looks like a fairly low-slope. At least the socks weren’t holey…as far as the roof with all that “pookie” (professional roofer terminology) around the vents, I’ll give it to the next rainfall…the shingle themselves may last longer.
I have inspected a very unusual corrugated aluminum shingle that was face nail installed in the '50s…but it wasn’t all pookied up

These metal shingles can be all over the board for their expected life span. Those that have concealed fasteners and that are detailed properly at flashing points, eaves and other termination points, and that are made of a heavier gauge prefinished metal will be able to last 30 years, maybe. Others will be less. One of the biggest contributors to degradation is going to be the quality of the paint finish and hopefully it wasn’t scratched up a lot when it was installed. Scratched will speed up the rusting process and once that starts, the roof will deteriorate quickly.


Amazing how much the roof material looks like Asbestos. I agree with Barry on all the caulk, and until the next rain. “Temporary fix to a permanent problem” is the way that I word it.