Meth Lab Awareness Class in Denver, CO Tomorrow!

IOT is hosting our first Meth Lab Awareness certification class from 9am- 4pm tomorrow, January 25 in Lakewood, CO.
Topics include:
· Educate & train your staff on what to look for
[FONT=Symbol]· Manage and encourage safe work practices in your area by knowing **state and local regulations **[/FONT]
And get Certified!!

This course is regularly priced at $199, but is available to NACHI members for ONLY $99! Call to register! 303-984-4671

Certification?..I don’t think so.

I offer a CD on meth labs and red flags in helping identify dwellings that may have been used for that purpose. Bottom line is that if there are remnants of chemicals used in certain methods of meth production, and the inspector just sniffs them (if they are stored in a bottle) it could mean instant death for the inspector.

Certified? I also do not think so. The person who helped me craft the CD is an expert at clandestine math lab id.

My course is designed to cover as much pertinant information as possible relative to identifying the common signs. It does NOT go into testing at all. This is, in my opinion, not something I would ever want to explore as an ancillary service. It is meant to help the inspector during the inspection. Period.

The liability for any sort of on-site sampling or testing would likely be staggering. We’re not talking about runny noses, aches, headaches, or burning eyes… we’re talking severe neurological disorders within a year, sometimes leading to death.