Upcoming Methlab course for HIs

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As some of you may know, for the last several years I have worked for the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, (CRCPI) providing free training on methlabs. Unfortunately, the course has been open mostly to law enforcement and emergency responders (hose draggers and the like) :wink: , and not offered to the general public.

Last year, however, NACHI was going to sponsor a methlab course for HIs at one of it’s meetings in Denver. Then, a few days before the course was scheduled to take place, it hit an obstacle and the course was cancelled.

However, the interest hasn’t waned, and since January, I have had about ten or twelve HIs ask if we were going to have another class.

As a result, we will be putting on an eight hour certified course for methlab entry. Although the course is geared to ensure compliance with Colorado regs and statutes which prohibit entry into clanlabs unless the person has been duly trained in the subject, the course will extensively cover recognition, booby-traps, PPE, indicators, and a variety of other areas pertinent to folks in other states.

Anyone interested in attending the course can get more information from our web discussions on methamphetamine, or obtain a PDF of the flier at:


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Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist

Sounds great Unfortunatly the dates are not the best as the NACHI conference is on May 17 to 19th and many could be traveling at this time .

I would love to come but not possible as I will be at the conference .
Thanks for doing this much appreciated .


Roy Cooke

These labs are popping up everywhere and there is even a move afoot here in Ontario to have any building that was a meth lab condemned and torn down. I am sure that if you were to bring the course to the Toronto area you would fill the class without much problem.

I would attend one in Toronto

This is from OBOA
Course Title

Offered By**
Basic Plan Examination
Woodbridge - OBOA OFFICE
(2007) Oct 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
OBOA Office
Building Plumbing Inspection
Toronto - Casa Loma Campus, for info call 416-415-5000 ext. 4861
(2007) May 26 Jul 7
Contact George Brown College
Clandestine Labs Seminar - Afternoon 1:00pm
Thunder Bay - City of Thunder Bay
(2007) Apr 26
Superior Chapter
Clandestine Labs Seminar - Morning 10:00am
Dryden - Dryden Fire Hall
(2007) Apr 25
Sunset Country Chapter
Intermediate Plumbing Inspection
Kingston - Olympic Harbour
(2007) Apr 27, 28, 29 May 5, 6
Land of Lakes Chapter

Mario how does one find out more inormation on how this and are outsiders allowed to attend . Thanks Roy Cooke

Go to the OBOA website and basically sign up the registartion course and pay the fee. http://www.oboa.on.ca/training/index.html

A course was also offered at the Winter Workshop by the O.P.P. It was very popular and had a full house. It provided very good information on the dangers of cladestine labs and outdoor setups that now exist. The speaker was head of the task force and explained the environmental impact and dangers on not just the lab but also the people that had to go into the potentially toxic environment.

Thanks Claude Much appreciated .

Roy Cooke …NACHI where Members help Members

Board rules??? What board rules…we don’t need no stinking rules! Keep up the good work Caoimhim.


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