Methane gas smell

There is a strong smell Coming from Toilet, and now by my bedroom. My kids and I have been ill off and on for months I’m not sure if this is the cause, but all symptoms of methane gas exposure are the same. My landlord won’t do anything about it. What can I do? I need help please. Thank you …
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Make sure the toilet has a good wax seal at the base drain. I’ll bet that is you problem.
Does the toilet move ?

NO it does not

Is there any drain, with a trap, nearby that hasn’t been used for a while and may have evaporated and dried out letting oder into the home? (tub, sink, floor drain, washing machine drain, etc.) If so, either keep it filled with water every once in a while to prevent it from drying out or use vegetable oil that won’t evaporate.

“NO it does not”

Then it is the seal…Easy to fix and only about $5.

Tell your landlord to fix it or you will have to consider legal action…

It is quite possible the sink and/or tub are not vented properly. Do either of them have an S-trap as opposed to a P-trap?

Google search S-trap P-trap

Since you brought up your health, and your children’s health, might I suggest you hire a plumber to locate and fix the issue, and then deal with the financial reimbursement once your family is safe.


I have found, a few times, small town city sewer systems, if not operating right, will push the gas into the home.