sewer smell only in the AM (posted by Buddy Moore)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Buddy Moore (from Murfreesboro,TN USA). [/ASKNACHI]I inspected a house that home owners said a strong oder was coming from the upstairs bedroom but only in the morning. They had their septic tank clean thining this was the problem because the smell is a sew like smell but it did not stop the oder. We did a mold test an dit came back clean. any ideas of what this smel could be from. it has been there for along time now.

That would be the A.M. movement.:smiley:


You have provided very little information that would lead to a helpful conclusion.

There are many causes of unusual odors including dead animals in the walls etc.
Perhaps it would be wise to advice the client to have the plumbing system checked by a qualified professsional to eliminate that possibility.

Buddy we would need some more clues.
Are there any upstairs bathrooms.?
What is the location of the waste vents.?
Have you checked for signs of backup in the drain pipes.
If you have a sink upstairs which never gets used the water in the drain trap will eventualy dry out thus allowing sewer gas to back up through the drain.
You could also have a broken pipe inside one of the walls.
Check for signs of leakage.
I hate to cop out by saying hire a plumber but some things need taking care of in person.

Does this smell occur only in the mornings after they do their “thing” the night before?

Try some vinegar or 3% Peroxide solution down the drains of the bathroom, kitchen, sink, shower followed by a kettle full of boiling water. You could be smelling bacteria or other matter stuck in the trap.

Ray I used to recommend vinegar be poured down the drains periodically as it dissolves soap.
Hair clings to the soap causing blockage.


Vinegar and Baking Soda also works well.

Pretty tough call considering the lack of info. Perhaps further details with further info will be forth coming?