Michigan Inspector Looking to Shadow in San Diego 3/22 - 3/24

I am posting this in both commercial inspection and infrared forums.

I am a Michigan based home inspector that is interested in getting into more commercial and infrared inspections. I got my Level I from Snell in December and have a FLIR T400 imager.

My wife and I will be in San Diego next week. She works for Founders Brewing and will be attending a beer conference Wednesday through Friday (March 22-24) and I would like to shadow during those times if there’s anybody willing to take an an eager learner. I’m especially interested in commercial/industrial electricity, flat roof inspection, RTU inspection, and thermography in general.

My wife will be at her conference during regular business hours, so I know that rules out certain inspections, like roof moisture surveys, but every bit of knowledge helps. If you have any interest in Founders beer there could be some involved as a thanks.