Mike Nelson teaching "Inspecting the Exteriors" for NACHI.TV.

I’m pleased to announce that on March 5th, Mike Nelson, ITA Lead Instructor, will be presenting a teaching on a few topics including
“The Beginning of a Home Inspection” and “Inspecting the Exteriors” at the NACHI.TV studios.

The next day, March 6th, Mike will take us on-site and perform inspections at a couple residential houses, applying the information that was taught the day before.

Congrats Mike Nelson-

I am sure it will be a get 0n-line video presentation

All the best!

Bill Merrel

In February of 2007 I had the pleasure of attending a two day “NACHI / Nick Sponsored” Commercial Course taught by Mike Nelson.
{Nick… Once again… Thank You for ALL that you do for us members!}

All I can say is …… This man is a “Top Notch” instructor and he KNOWS what he is talking about!

I HIGHLY recommend Mike Nelson as an instructor! NACHI is lucky to have him! :stuck_out_tongue:

We are developing a 100-hour core “home inspection” course with Mike Nelson.
This will be module #1 of 12.
We designed it for both new inspectors and experienced.
We’re developing a series of core (prelicensing) courses.
Up to now, it’s been CE. Core training coming soon…

as always, it was a pleasure spending time with you. In the filming process, you give confidence and calm, it is much appreciated, your professionalism is one of the reasons I am doing this, thanks for your help and encouragement.

That will be great, looking forward to all the great training.