Hot PIC: Inspection industry trainer Mike Nelson to do 12 part advanced training.

Someone put a bullseye on him?


Looking forward to the Fireplace inspection video.

Good job, Nick.

Congratulations Mike! Looking forward to seeing your classes. You can do a lot for NACHI if the NACHI powers to be will just let you.

Congrat’s Mike! Hope to hear the details of how you made the video at our next Rochester/Fingerlakes chapter meeting.

Congratulations Mike!

Looking forward to that show Mike and thank you Nick.

I get that feeling it will be a good one.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Nice job Nick and Mike.

Hey Nick,

Your microphone volume was much higher than Mike’s. It appeared that you were yelling at Mike.

That was very good Nick and Mike.

Thank you for another good show.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Educational…good episode.

Thanks Nick and Mike.

I didn’t hear it like that. It sounded fine to me.

Thanks for all the comments folks, We are planning on doing a lot together, Perhaps some code and the home inspector stuff, maybe some more commercial, we will see what time allows. It sure is cutting into my blacksmithing time though (sic)