Mike's Blog Featured

I had a blog post featured on Active Rain…kind of cool to see.

Nice job Mike. I love gotten 5 features now. They get easier and easier. I’ve been leveraging AR for about 3-4 months and its about to start paying off.

Glad to hear it Juan, I’m putting more into that arena (as of late) as well.

Keep us updated. Im finding creative ways to leverage it, but I’d like to hear what others are doing.

AR can be great for getting your brand out there.

Great job Mike.

I have had an account there for a while but just last week was my first post.


Good timing though the Active Rain daily drop did not show you featured today.
I just happened to look at it which is not that often almost the exact same time as your port here.

Nice article by the way and I need to post myself tonight.

They did have this one featured at top however which is related …coincidence ?

Mike it came in my email today and can see the enormous response from the RE community.
Going to put a link to your article on one of my websites later.

Thanks, Bob. I’ve had 60+ responses…

I’m over 90 responses and several hundred views, and a local REA emailed me to grab a coffee. :slight_smile: could be a new referring REA.

Just saw an AR posting by Juan Jimenez come through on todays daily drop.

Cool :slight_smile: That makes six featured blogs now :slight_smile:

Mike, I saw that! Congrats!

Thanks, it got 600+ views and over 100 comments…seems pretty good.