Interesting Site To Mingle With Realtors

Interesting Site To Mingle With Realtors In Your Area.](

Are the drinks free…I won"t dance with them…

It is a very good site, easy to get listed and view.

Hey, I posted a couple blogs and had dozens of hits in less
than 24 hours. A lot of Realtors read the blogs and it
helps to get your name out to the local area.

Hey Guys… start posting some blogs at this site and
watch the points and traffic. This place has over
20,000 Realtors and NACHI inspectors can rise to
the #1 featured spot in your local area without too
much effort. Then sit back and watch the traffic.

I put my profile on this site and now I’m on Googles
front page with it. They must have more page rank
than I thought.

John, just a hint on blogs. I posted the 3 deadly mistakes last night. I see that they have a person who feels it is his duty to call you out on double postings. He has singled me and another member out from Atlanta. So I guess we need to do a title search before we post. :mrgreen: By the way John, I have added you to my associates list</IMG>

Thanks John, I posted my site to ActiveRain, and am now coming up in the 1st page due to point rankings.
Invite others to the party, and you’ll get bonus points as well.


Great… you should also start showing up on Google in a while.
I saw my listing big and bold on Googles front page… :mrgreen:

I am placing all members on a NACHI page, so if anyone has joined
and is not included, please let me know. The more we can post
each others link, the more we promote all NACHI members.

See NACHI page here:

To join ActiveRain go here:

BTW Mark,

I see no comments about double posting. I looked everywhere.
No problem. Its a huge site with tons of traffic. My clicks
have started picking up a lot.


I don’t see my profile. Please add me.

Thanks for your help John, If you would please add me to your list. Here is the link to the comments that A guy was complaining about double posting.

I offered to delete my posting, but he has not stepped up to ask me to. I guess my #'s on the posting might have shut him up? Oh well. Keep up the great work John. You have been added to my list of associates. :mrgreen:

I love this site. It has money spelled all over it. I’ve gone from 400th or so, to 186th or something, I can’t remember. Just over two days or so. I’ve also got the 2 place featured agent spot for my area, so that helps as well.

I think he was mocking you guys for not putting up unique info. But I personally think he’s just being an ***. If you look at his points, he probably thinks of himself as an activerain guru. :roll:

Thats what I figured to. John, That was a great idea to put the call button on the profile site. Got mine up there now. :cool:

Everyone has been added.

See NACHI page here:

To join ActiveRain go here:

Mark Roe,… You can delete the guys comment, if
you look at it while you are in the “login” mode.

I think the comment is on the guy’s blog not Mark’s. But I could be wrong. I haven’t looked since 4am or so.

I have got some feedback from some new members
from other forums, that they already got some inspection
orders in less than 24 hours of joining.

I got a comment from someone thanking me for the information I posted in my blog, which was the Sell Your Home For More booklet link.

Good job Nick! Looks like that is a winner! :slight_smile:

I posted the NACHI “Home Care Guide” for the Realtors to
download. I got some good feedback from that also.
(written by Nick).

See NACHI page here:

To join ActiveRain go here:


Thanks mine has been updated, using all the NACHI members from yours. (hope you don’t mind, saved me alot of work).


Now who wants to dance…but I am not buying the drinks

John, Robert,
Can you hook me to the NACHI group thanks