Miller Furnace in apartment

Hey folks…

Came across a miller furnace (mobile home type) in a second floor apartment.

What are the rules and reg’s pertaining to the use of these units in this type of situation.

This was stuck right next to the kitchen range (electric)… looked butt ugly as well…

thanks for any input you may have…

Mobile home type furnaces usually have all the manufacturer’s clearance installations instructions on or inside the door on a plate (eg. side, front, rear, top clearances) and whether they need a special base to be installed on a combustible floor.

Did you see anything like that?

At any rate the install sounds non-typical and handymanish.

long story about this inspection but this place was a wreck… there was plenty of installation instructions, but i was curious if these units limited to mobile/manufactured only…

here is a photo



CPI_Yeaton_waterville 029.jpg

Furnaces for use in mobile/manufactured homes must be listed for that use but I don’t think there is a restriction for them to be used (properly installed) in mobile/manufactured homes exclusively.