Minimum Height from the ground for gfci

Is there a minimum height for outdoor outlets?? I came across one mounted on a deck that is six inches from the ground. Seems a little low to me, and in danger of getting hit with the mower.

There is no minimum height specified under the NEC. This is a design issue.

Yes in the NEC there is no minimum height requirement but there is a maximum of 6.5’.

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While there may not be a height requirement, if you feel it is susceptible to damage, you can mention that in your report.

That maximum is only if that receptacle is going to be used to serve the requirement. Otherwise their is no height requirement…for example the ones at the roof for lets say snow and ice melting purposes. It can’t serve as the required receptacle outside due to it being above 6’ 1/2" but it can be higher if for a dedicated purpose.

I am more than 100% you know this…it was for the benefit of others only;)

No minimum. So setting on grade is acceptable. Hmmm. Not stirring he pot but I am surprised it is left to installers discretion.

Paul, did you read the code section I posted? In order for the receptacle to qualify as one of the two required receptacles {210.52(E)}(one at the front and one at the back) it must be no more than 6.5’ in height.

Yes…I was answering the question about height in general…not for the required receptacle…lol

“that maximum is only if that receptacle is going to be used to serve the requirement.”

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Is this too low? :smiley:

buried gfci 2 copy.JPG

buried gfci 2 copy.JPG

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The ‘new’ California Governor had those installed all over the state on the advice from a Low-ballin’ ConSpector that GFI’s would help in the event of an earthquake! :mrgreen:

Well, an earthquake is a “ground fault”!!

and it would stop earthquakes dead in their tracks, as a GFCI is a Ground Fault Interrupter… :-;;