Exterior outlet height

Is there a minimum height requirement for outdoor outlets. I would think common sense says above average snow level and lawn mower height. I know 6 1/2’ for max height, but I had an outlet (non-gfci), just above grade. Looking for a spec for my report


No minimum height. . .

don’t need a spec. for me. i call 'em out as an electrical safety hazard due to close proximity to ground and below posible flood level. did you test it to see if it was live.??

Since we know there’s no minimum height, let me hijack this thread.
Is there a minimum number of outlets required for the exterior of the building?

**1993 NEC, Section 410-57. Receptacles in Damp or Wet Locations.

**(e) Installation.
**A receptacle outlet installed outdoors shall be located so that water accumulation is not likely to touch the outlet cover or plate.

CHAPTER 4 Equipment for General Use

Here’s an example of the way changes are proposed see ROP 18-48.

Also read some of the Panel Statements for their action.

So snow accumulation would bring this installation even higher?

It looks like at least one at the front and back of the house is required if grade level access is available. That is paraphrased from E3801.7.