Missing Footer in Crawlspace

This section of the crawlspace foundation did not have a footer. Just to the right is an intersection of foundation walls where it makes a transition from a crawlspace to a basement. I pulled back the insulation over this area and observed no cracking anywhere near this section of foundation, both in the crawlspace and outside the home above grade. Any thoughts? Home was built in 2001.

Due to the size restriction of the photo, it is hard to tell whether this might have been designed with a grade beam where a **(footing)**is not required and was needed for running unknown utilities or piping of sort.
Note the location of where it is and narrate what you are looking at and if you view as a problem, recommend a foundation contractor to evaluate if you cannot.


Grade beam style step down Shallow footing and wall on one side and a deeper footing and wall on the other.
It could be an expansion void put there on purpose also. They help prevent upheaval cracks. Unless there’s water problems, it’s not an issue.

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Where was the house? Your service area suggests a large amount of houses potentially constructed on a drilled pier foundation with grade beams and voids for expansive soils.


Well, that would really fit the picture I was looking at.