Missouri Legislation Hearing

We’re hearing the Kansas City Realtors are asking for volunteers to go to the Capitol next week (probably Wednesday) to tell Missouri legislators how important it is to LICENSE inspectors to ensure their clients get COMPETENT inspectors (seems according to them the field is full of incompetents).

May be a hearing next week on the Missouri duplicate of the Kansas Bill.

With the State of Missouri in trouble with money worries now and alot of unemployment, do yo think that this would even be reviewed other than put on the back burner. It will come one of these years, but I’m not sure this year.

I would think NOT, but the MAR and their Lobbyist are putting a BIGGIE push on for it THIS year. AND although many legislators are aware we don’t have the MONEY for this, the MAR crowd are BRAGGING to the legislators that out in KANSAS they’re running a HI Board for ONLY $16,000 per year AND Missouri could do the same.

What they’re NOT telling Missouri legislators is that in Kansas we don’t really have a working Board / We have an answering machine in an accountants office; the Kansas Home Inspectors Web Site is a FREE wordpress site owned by a Jeff Barnes; we don’t have a real office or secretary or staff (we get mail pick-up by the accountants office; etc; etc). Total Circle Jerk so the realestators could get us licensed.

Go to www.ksinspectors.org and come back and tell me what you see.

Like the Google Ads in the middle of the page (is this is a state site - not really).

WOW! Almost a year since a new post on the page for meetings.
The Passed Law for the Home Inspectors you speak about is that whats listed on the front page?

I hope legislators understand that any license is a basic, minimum requirement. Home inspector licensing is just that, and that is what the agents want; soft, basic, say-nothing reports, so they can sell sub-par properties to unsuspecting home buyers. Then, since the home inspectors are required to have insurance, any issues that arise fall back upon the home inspectors. With no state home building standards, anything can be reported as a defect, or none at all.

That is what the RE’s want. Home buyers will loose big time, and look to the capitol to see who voted in this farce.

Note to lawmakers of Missouri: check to see who is in office now in Kansas, and see who is not, that voted on home inspection laws in Kansas. Most were voted out of office since home inspection laws started. Even the Governor of Kansas at the time resigned just days after signing the bill into law. Senator Wysong resigned. They all saw the writing on the wall.

Lawmakers in Missouri should also take notice. What is more important; your campaign funds or the people of Missouri?

Steven -

They’ve had meetings JUST never posted anything. Like I said its run as any $16,000 a year board can afford to be.

And half of that goes to the accountant. Why have any law if you cannot afford to enforce it?

Gary -

Thats a foolish question. You know why. You set in on legislative hearings and listened to the realtors lobbyist “Luca Bella” tell the horror stories of how unlicensed home inspectors were running wild in the streets hurting thousands of Kansas residents and their dreams of Home Ownership.

It was VITALLY important to National Security that we be licensed.

Then when you had a few of the KAREI / ASHI inspectors joining in and standing shoulder to shoulder with the realtors and agreeing with them …

Board members are, I believe, here in Kansas appointed or “re-elected” every two years. Isn’t that up? Oh, I guess they will just vote each other into office again.

It is important for the agents to get us licensed, so they can tell their buyers that “inspectors are worthless, since the new laws are basic, and inspectors no longer have to check almost nothing, so why get a home inspection at all?”

What a crock.

Chair got 3 years. Others got 2 years.

They can each serve 2 terms.