Missouri Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHIs Home Energy course for agent CE.


So how does a Realtor take and get credits for the class?

Our IT Department is working on webseals for members that permit real estate agents in their state to access their required real estate courses, online and for free, through portals found on InterNACHI member’s websites.


The Master Plan is to get every real estate agent in North America to regularly visit InterNACHI members’ websites to get their free real estate education (amongst other things). This is an obvious marketing benefit to members. However, subliminally, when agents find out how good our online real estate courses are, they’ll also equate that quality with the inspection training InterNACHI members have access to.

We test marketed this in Colorado and the results were insane: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-colorado-real-estate-marketing-card-pack-of-50.aspx

Link for Missouri real estate agents is now live: http://www.nachi.org/realestate.htm


Can you get a flyer designed about this to give to Realtors. A PDF will be fine.

I’ll make cards for Missouri just like I did for Colorado: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-colorado-real-estate-marketing-card-pack-of-50.aspx

Do/will you keep track of how many actually take the tests?

Yes. They not only register, but they register with their local InterNACHI inspector’s I.D.#… so we’ll eventually be able to inform each member when an agent earns his/her continuing education for free, thanks to the InterNACHI member.


Somewhat off topic, but over the past few months I have handed out over 100 $10,000 negligent insurance fliers to RE agents here in KC that you sent me.

Any takers? Got more?

I’ll ship you some more. Make sure you staple your business card to them.

I just sent Missouri’s Agent CE cards to print, so they will be available in about 10 days on Inspector Outlet.