Missouri Real Estate Commission awards InterNACHI school accreditation.

Perhaps you can elaborate on the significance and how this helps us.

The course is for real estate salesmen and the school authorized to teach it is in Colorado.

This is good…because…(please complete sentence)…

I travel all over North America. In 2007 I visited 100 cities.

Anyway, this course helps InterNACHI members particularly, especially where approved like Missouri, becaue it draws in hundreds of agents and allows me the opportunity to teach them about home inspections, how to find competent inspectors, and how to recognize and avoid diploma mill inspectors.


Free food and credit hours, and the Realtors will come.

Nick let us know when you hit the St. Louis area. I want to sit in as well.

Billy, you need to get with your local Board of Realtors and see if they would be interested in some free CEUs and free food. Of course you got to supply the food but I usually go to a grocery deli and order some large subs, chips and soft drinks. Make the Realtors register with the Board of Realtors for you will know how much food to buy. There are probably some other NACHI inspectors in your area that would help out, just to get the exposure.


I thought Nick could only teach the course?

Yes, but he is not going to get the class set up with your the local board and provide the free food so he can help you promote your business. It is up to the NACHI member or members of that local board to do all the leg work. Nick is just the teacher. If anybody needs any advice on how to do this just let me know. I have already sponsored and set up a mold class that my Industrial Hygienist taught with my local board. It was a great success and I have gotten some good paying work from it.