Missouri Real Estate Lobbyist Speaks (Video)

… on how he failed to get a home inspection law for the tenth year in a row.

Watch his video, here, and hear why HE says he was foiled, again.

It kills me that the MAR wants us licensed so badly that they pay this guy year after year with no results. There are a handful of agents who back up the idea, the rest just want their buyers to get a home inspection so they could get closed or move on. I can’t tell you how many agents have called me from KS and said, “we don’t care, just come anyway” when I tell them I’m not registered in KS.
It has nothing to do with protecting the public, it has nothing to do with getting better inspections, it only has to do with controlling Home Inspectors and passing liability to them.
If they are really so concerned about “real property rights” then why don’t they put Licklider to work trying to get property tax laws repealed. You know, so people could actually own their property?
Thanks again to everyone who helped defeat this legislation.
Maybe someday they’ll take a hint and give up.

The word around the capital is that Sam Licklier has screwed over some many legislators at the capital, they do not trust him anymore. Sam failed to see even though legislators come and go, mainly do to term limits, most of the staff stays the same in that office or moves to another. These staffers form a real bond with the legislators and when Sam burns a legislator, they feel they got burnt too.

In this current Real Estate Market…
It is highly unlikely that any HI Legislation will be passed (in any State) requiring Funding by Licensees for Licensing

Also you notice Sam lied when he said there was groups of home inspectors supporting licensing. I only know of one group that supported two of the three home inspection licensing bills. The rest of the home inspectors opposed licensing on all three bills.

Not sure what you are referencing…

But as in New Jersey…
If a Legislator feels screwed by XXXX
They will adopt NACHI Recommended Legislation…

This MAR lobbyist is well know in Jefferson City. Word travels fast around this town. I have been hearing about this from several sources for the last few years. Whenever I ask anybody who would know anything that goes on in the capital, they do not appear surprised.

In the words of one Missouri private citizenwho testified before the House and Senate committees against the proposed law to license inspectors that was written by ASHI and financed by MAR …

"The state, under the provisions of the bill, will delegate this duty (to oversee home inspectors) to a board comprised of selected citizens, most of whom will be existing home inspectors. This new government board will determine the amount of education, skill and experience that, in their potentially biased and self-interested opinion, must be demonstrated by future applicants before they can perform the described work for pay.

“Of course, the legislation will assume that all current workers have achieved such training and skill via the “grandfather” clause, keeping the current home inspectors from jumping through the new licensure hoops. A little trick employed by occupational groups that seek government protection of their market turf, to purposely avoid the great inconvenience and hardship of the law that they help create.”

Boys, boys. All you have to do is look at the POS Kansas home inspection laws. Basic reports are now everywhere in Kansas; and if there is an issue, we get the calls. Thanks all to these new “board” approved SOP’s.

No kitchen appliances inspected. (Geesh; I see open wires, rust, leaks at that disposal, and I do not have to noted it on my report. Saves me money—Mr. $200 inspector.) Only one window, one outlet per room. Only one cabinet. Only one staircase, etc. etc. Wow, that saves that inspector time and money; hence the $200 “full” inspection. I have said it before. These special interest groups want the same in Missouri.

This is what the RE groups want; limited, basic, say-nothing inspection and reports all allowed by law. I challenge any lawmaker from Missouri or Kansas to get me to inspect their own home, or one they are purchasing, with these Kansas laws, and see how limited the reports are.

You get the minimum standards in place, and that is the type of report the home buyer gets; all for $200 or less.

It will not be long before government tells us how to mow grass or chew gum.