Mitsubishi split system?

Since I live in the great white north, heat pumps are not such a great option. I rarely come across them. So this is the first I have ran across the Mitsubishi A/C -Heat pump combo. I have seen the AC units before, just not the split system.
Anyone have any experience with these? Does it heat well (presuming that heat pumps are limited in general) Any known issues?

Had one for three years love it does a great job cooling our 1500 sq ft home many days over 90+°F .
I think 12,000 BTU’s in cooling and 23,000 in heating?
Heating is good until it gets real cold ( About 8°F) then base boards take over .
Fan motor went bad about a year ago replaced for free I had to pay labour…
I would do it again for sure .
I understand the new ones work to a lower temp then ours . All the best … Roy.
WE have a gas fire place that heats the finished basement .

We are on about the same level as Standish Mich. and close to Lake Ontario about a 1/2 mile.

Thanks Roy! this was a big help, client had never heard of them either, and I was able to give him your info, and other stuff I had found.