mixed wire

Has anyone ever come across romex 14/2 with ground have black conductor copper and white aluminum or silver colored? Or could it just be color transfer from insulation? weird

Got a pic?, and where was it observed?

I’ll pull it out again. At a wall rec

I know the grounded conductor can be white or gray but I am not sure if that’s what you mean.

I think he is talking about the metal itself, not the insulation.

Suspect Chinese drywall since in Florida, thus needing a pic.

Exactly. SORRY guys it’s copper, when I pulled the rec out I scratched the color off, its brown The hot lead is very red colored and it is white or silver looking. Thanks and sorry for the false alarm

I’m lost. I thought you meant gray insulation instead of the normal white. Tou scratched the color off the conductor? You thought you had aluminum but it was tinned copper? The ungrounded conductor is red?

Black wire is bright red color, white wire is a silver or almost white color and ground is normal brown or copper color. When I removed the white wire from the rec I could see the end of cut wire, it is brown and also scratched the color off of wire it is brown color, just not the same as ground wire or black wire.Chinese turns copper black, so I don’t think it is that.

That’s weird. Sounds like tinned copper on the grounded conductor, bare copper for the grounding conductor but bright red for the ungrounded? I don’t know anything about bright red conductors.

this is the rec