Oxidized Copper

I had a home recently where a few of the conductors were only slightly showing at the panel but were clearly grey in color. I did my best to check them with a flashlight and it looked like aluminum. Later the home owner called an electrician and he disconnected the conductors from the breakers, rubbed them with steel wool and apparently they are copper which had oxidized. Has anyone seen this before? I’ve never heard of copper looking like aluminum.

Good video but the guy says its an nickel plated aluminum wire twice in the end. But I get the point… Thanks

That makes sense. So the electrician was wrong too. It wasn’t oxidized copper, it was tinned copper. Lesson learned.

If it is a newer home, be careful that you don’t have Chinese drywall in the home…it will cause the copper to discolor as it reacts with the sulfur gas emitted form the drywall.