Mo Money

Marco Tarafa was stunned to find that his homeowners’ policyis increasing by nearly $1,000 a year — all because inspectors couldn’t get into his attic, where there was no crawl space and about 24 inches of insulation.

This bullsh!t will continue until it begins to prevent state Representatives from being reelected.

The Wind Mitigation scam will someday end, my only hope is that it absorbs a tremendous amount of political energy prior to exploding in cascading waves of chaos… The fabric of the universe. :smiley:

I bet Tom could have gotten into that attic…no crawl space AND 24" of insulation…no problem. I didn’t see in that article that the owner gets another free inspection when he provides access to the roof to wall connections. It’s on the policyholder to have the attic clear enough to do the inspection without putting the inspector in a hazardous situation.

Bradley…So the reinspector couldn’t get the photos needed. shouldn’t the homeowner get the mulligan here. Are there other criteria that citizens uses to deny credits when pictures or the reinspecter says no access. Seems to me the original wind mit should stand.

Just going into the attic in some instances is a hazardous situation! I am sure I, even with a bad shoulder could get the picture required. These inspectors are lazy and borderline incompetent. Of course, half of them don’t even own a license…but that is another matter.

Licensing solves nothing…

Hate to say it but if he is sure it would help him that much he could have access made and stuffed cleared where it needed to be then have it inspected again.

Unfortunately fo us in the construction biz the is craigs list and a million other ways unlicensed hacks with no regulation could likely do it in a day if they were worth a crap.

Again due to the economy most of those types will work for a days wage if you purchase whatever is needed to do the job.


If is a older house and stuff just doesn’t seem right like getting double wraps on a 1950 home or something then the insurance guys might insist on looking everywhere.

Example. Everything is cleared and a new hatch is installed right next to an outside wall and everywhere else is not accessible or not visible and right there were things are newly perfect there are shinny new double wraps and all on that 1950 house. the insurance company may want to check the stuff that they cannot see. Do they have the right to say they still do not have enough info???

They have the right, but they better have the proof. And do you really think one of “their” inspectors is going to look anywhere he can’t get to? :wink:

Don’t be to sure:D I have done serious snaking through trusses “up, down, over, around and through stuff” that I could hardly accomplish with my tools on. Even been hard to turn around and get back without loosing some stuff.D



Did the reinspector come yet. You could do a pay per view when that post comes out I bet.


Actually, my doctor told me that doing what I do, probably had something to do with this injury. I am doing my first inspection post surgery tomorrow. As I cannot use my right biceps, everything pulling related will have to be done using my left hand.
The shoulder itself is better, but more than likely will require replacement, sooner than later. I hope I can make it another year. From people “in the know” I have talked to, replacement is better…for the long term anyway.

I know the foot is a pain! I was lucky and only had to wear a walking boot for a month!
Get better!

As for the reinspection, after a letter to citizens…there will be no need…at least this year. We will see what comes up when my policy is up for renewal.

Hmmmm…maybe $85.00 isn’t so bad for a look thru…

Glad you are back to work. Be careful and go slow.

The no weight thing sucks. I doubt if I’ll even be legal to drive or even what the Dr. is going to say about it.

I would have to think I will be told not to drive and that will sure suck.

Maybe i’ll drive my moms scooter to tri-rail every day my wife is not around and go exploring. I better carry an extension cord in-case I have to bum juice. I have no Idea how far they will go on a charge.

Mike - Hope you’re feeling a bit better.

Eric - Let me know if I can help. I’ll be up in the Pompano area tomorrow close to noon. If there’s anything you need help with let me know…


I guess you didn’t get the part about another free inspection is available when the access is cleared or the soffits are exposed. Reinspectors are not allowed to destroy the integrity of the insulation (i.e. radiant barriers or foam insulation). Sometimes you just can’t get the photo good enough to count the nails. Doesn’t happen often but it does happen. And, Hell No on a mulligan for the insured. The original inspector may have used stock photos for his inspection…no way to tell.

Every one of them have higher grade licenses than yours. I agree that some do not have the experience and competence that you do, but there are bad apples is every profession.

Then I guess that proves conclusively what Joe has been saying with regards to licensing, doesn’t it? :mrgreen:

And, my Home Inspector license trumps their licenses when it comes to home inspecting. I don’t need to have their licenses to perform home inspections, they do need the one I possess though! As the kids today say…“just sayin”…

There are many problems with this program and always have been. It is another example, just like the home inspection licensing law, where there was virtually no foresight whatsoever. Just make it up as we go along and no one will notice.

We provide inspections after the Citizens inspector frequently to reinstate credits that the policy holder deserves. If anyone has any questions our office is always available @ 561-420-0277 or visit our website Unfortunate with the insurance company inspectors or a real large inspection firm if you any any questions or issues it can be hard to get them to return or even speak with the inspector.

Thanks Bert. I am getting my digital life together since I sholud me moving around much :slight_smile: