Mobile drain plumbing questions

I inspected a 1990 DW Mobile today. Updated and renovated over the years and a very nice solid unit. My guess is the plumbing has also been updated. No PB supply lines which were common for the age. It’s common to see AAV’s used in mobiles along with “S” traps when there are limited DWV stacks.

There were 2 DWV’s roof penetrations. No attic access to observe them. All sinks had an AAV installed, somewhat. I didn’t get my pics in order, but the second one is a bathroom sink with a tie in wye. Could not determine where it went or terminated. No DWV roof stack located near that bathroom.

Thoughts? Not in violation of any local codes due to really not having any…

Left MB bathroom sink with AAV

Hall bathroom sink. Could not trace pipe going into side cabinet.

Right MB bathroom sink tying into left sink.

Kitchen Sink

Where is the laundry hookup? Does it tye into the bath drains? They do crazy things in mobile homes.

The laundry was on the back left side of home. The only two DWV’s were above it and the master bath adjacent to the right of it. The kitchen was on the opposite side, no roof DWV, and the other bath was far right side, no DWV.

And yes, Mobiles are fun trying to figure this out… :crazy_face: :wink:

Edit to say that the larger DWV of the 2 was located closer to the kitchen side of the roof line and could have serviced kitchen and master bath…or all??

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