Identify the issues

Let some new guys take a crack at this before the seasoned inspectors weigh in.

A small 2-3 ft. run of a bathroom sink drain (right) and a plumbing vent (left). How many issues can you identify? I called out 5, but looking at the photo again, there may be 6 and the inspector vets may even find more.

Homeowner plumbing is fun!:smiley:

This is honestly my favorite part of the boards. If any seasoned guys answer I’m gonna lose it :wink:

It’s Friday morning, like Juan said, let him and other newer inspectors have a crack at this until later tonight. These are fun things to find when there are so many mistakes in such a small section of a system. :slight_smile:

Ok first when you say DWV are you talking about a stack because the DWV is the whole system isn’t it?

I’m sorry, and I will leave the rest alone for awhile, but I just have to LOL at the backwards fitting! OMG!

I thought it was a tee fitting until I look at it again.

Yes, I changed that, good call. :wink:

That’s one…

…and you should be ashamed at yourself for your (understandable) lack of restraint.:p:D

Sometimes it is hard to not burst out laughing during the inspection.:wink:

Ok so the trap arm slopes down too much before reaching the vent, it’s not properly connected to the vent and the vent is too small. Still looking

I am pretty sure there needs to be a clean out since that’s the bottom of the vent

Took me entirely too long to figure out what Jeff was talking about. The sanitary tee is backwards.

Edit. The sanitary tee shouldn’t be there at all

Yes, I’m ashamed, but I couldn’t control myself :D. At least I picked the most “obvious” one. Carry on… :wink:

Hmmm it wasn’t so obvious to me. I didn’t know what you were talking about for a while

Ouch, you’re right Juan, that’s a sanitary tee, not a wye. In that case, there’s another issue :oops:

Nice catch Juan! I didn’t notice that either. Luckily the whole install is so screwed up that a plumber will address that by default. :slight_smile:

Keep looking at the vent connection to the drain and you will find another issue.

I have some re inspections to do and I need a haircut before I can show up. I’ll try to figure out what else is wrong. It would help if I knew what is downstream of the trap arm past the vent. Is another fixture?

No, it connects to the main waste stack.

Have to go do some work to but I’ll be back later to see what else others have posted.

I’m on my way to the lake for an extended weekend. Seadoos are hitched up, and I’m off :smiley: Maybe I’ll chime in this evening…

Ok what about slope? It looks perfectly level from the photo.

Jeff what we will do without you?? :wink: