Moccasin anyone?

It was raining… I pulled into my next condo inspection. I got out and look at what I ran over…It was his and/or she’s unlucky day. Huh?
I didn’t even know it was there.
Nice moccasin.

Nice shot for an ole Timer :slight_smile: Kill them all, they are Nasty F-cks. Straight up MEAN.

I like most snakes but when you creep through waist deep swamp and grass and spot one before dawn laying on top of the seaweed waiting for his next meal in the spot you plan on hiding in to wait for ducks I do not hesitate. Little call on the radio to let partners know I am about to fire a shot. No one ever complains :slight_smile:

Better you ruining his day than him ruining yours.

All this rain is gonna be moving everything around.